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Why Your Website Text Should Be Written by a Professional

Who should be responsible for the content on your website?

Before we address the answer to that question, consider that your website is the first impression you now give many customers. Eighty-one percent of shoppers conduct research online before buying. Your website content can be the difference between a visitor that chooses to make their way into your store, and a visitor that looks elsewhere.

It's easy to assume that given how important website content is to conversion, businesses should create and manage that content themselves. After all, they know their selling points better than anyone else.

However, (and this may come as a shock), you do your business a favor when you let a professional write your website text. Here's why.

1. Professional content creators understand the anatomy of sites that sell. They know that websites need to have compelling, strategically-placed calls to action, navigation headers that entice visitors to click to a page, and text that features links between pages.

2. Professionals help create a consistent tone of voice throughout a website. They can take the essence of your brand and consistently translate that in an engaging way on every page, ensuring you don't end up with dry copy from your technical team in one section and over-enthusiastic copy from your sales team in another.

3. Experienced writers can also bring SEO best practices to the table, which helps your website rise in search engine page rankings. They can craft page titles, meta descriptions and page copy that naturally weave in the keywords your target audience searches for, so that when people type in those keywords, they're more likely to find your website. SEO is a broad and continually-evolving field, which is why turning to a professional tuned into that world can be wise.

In addition to ensuring quality, SEO best practices and consistent brand voice, leveraging a professional to manage your website content can be a practical decision in terms of resource management. The professional will likely be able to produce the content you're looking for much quicker than your internal team. Your content would be their primary focus, not an additional task non-writers within the business would have to remember to attend to.

And that point about you knowing your business better than anyone else? That's probably true – but it doesn't mean a professional writer can't get up to speed. After all, that's what you've hired them to do!

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